Man is A Robot with Defects


During my trip to Bank Mandiri Museum, I happened to see this robot. And my mind just blown away to the movie called Terminator. Everlasting and amazing movie, with all the sequel.

Robot is something that man creates to make our life become much easier. Sometimes, they look perfect, but sometimes they lack of something. Emile Cioran in The Trouble With Being Born, mention that man is a robot with defects. Half of me agree with her, but another half are pretty much disagree. Agree that we all, as human, are not perfect. We have so many ‘defect’ while we are living our life. But disagree, because I really don’t want to be compared with robot. A robot that doesn’t have feeling, logical thinking, and free will. Furthermore, compared to a robot that we, human, created.


One thought on “Man is A Robot with Defects

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