A DIY Digital Scrapbook as an Alternative for Birthday Gift

scrapbook digital

Scrapbook digital for one of my lovely and dearest student ^_^. She really love pink and princess things.

Confused about what kinds of gift should be given for your special one birthday? Want to give something special? Don’t want something that you could just buy at some place.

So here is the answer. A digital scrapbook. Not just an ordinary scrapbook, since it only need 1 paper to make it and a pc, tab, laptop, or any kinds of gadget you can think of.

There is so many programs, software, or application that allowed us to make one. As long as we have the pictures and also a little bit of creativity then it’s all done in a matter of time.

For me, personally,  I usually choose this scrapbook digital as an alternative for birthday gift. The idea of scrapbook itself, make the gift more personal and special. Since I only make one for each person I send the gift to. And also we can modify it as much as we want. We can personalize it with the character, hobbies, or personality of the one we send the gift to. The process of making it also can be very fun. We can mix and match the picture or frame, we can arranges words or sentences meaningful enough or funny one. The point is, we can make it personalize and customize for each person.


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