I Heart Fleur from Massicot

I heart Fleur.

What is Fleur? Fleur A is the name of the necklace pendulum that I wore that day. Fleur is a feminine given name in French, English and other languages. It means “flower” in French.

It is a beautiful and unique pendulum I got from Massicot. Massicot is a jewerly brand from Indonesia which founded by Amanda Matsuri and Ramdhan Muhammad. What I love about Massicot is that each pendulum (stone) does not have the same visual. And it always one of a kind.

I hardly get one of their stones, cause it always sold out in a couple of minutes. Their exclusive design, their unique name, their packaging and their hospitality to the customer made Massicot a must have item.

So, that day, my outfit felt like Indonesia lover. With the scarf from Dian Pelangi (a fashion designer from Indonesia), Batik skirt (definitely from Indonesia), and Necklace from Massicot (also from Indonesia). Owh, how much I ‘m proud to be Indonesian.




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