Simple Frame and Leaves Crown

These were simple and easy stuff made as properties during our photoshoot. An eye catching frame and a leaves crown. Who said we need lots of money to make our own DIY projects. For me, the idea of DIY projects is making or re-making of what we have. The source could be from our nature, surrounding, even our everyday garbage.

frame 1

For example, to make this frame, we just need unused box, glue, and a shiny paper which quite cheap for the price. As for the crown, just collected some of dry leaves and then strings them using a wire from unused cable. And hola, a DIY project is done! Very easy, right? And it turns out that we love it so much. Just look at our pics here. Even one of my student, excited to join in. Isn’t she one lovely little girl?

frame 2

So, just grabbed some unused stuff from surrounding and turn it into something that we can happily use. ^^ Remember, everyone have their own creative side.


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