Thanks GOD for waking me up again this morning.


Village (Photo credit: Dani Croitor)

The sentence above showing my grateful for having another chance to enjoys morning view. Every morning I felt the same way. But today is an exception. I go out right after Subuh (4.45 am). When some people still dreaming on their bed. When the Village still in silence. When street lights are still shining so bright. When darkness still surrounds. And the air, there is no question that the air is still fresh.

Gosh, I LOVE MORNING. Especially today. No wonder my mom always drag me out to accompany her jogging in early morning * well, I just done that a couple times with her and only near our house so never felt so much excited like today. But, as I recall my memories. I’ve seen some crazy beautiful morning view before. Not in Jakarta though. Let’s see.

Sunrise in BROMO MOUNTAIN is amazing.

Quite beautiful in PUNCAK Bogor.

PASIR PUTIH LAMPUNG also have great morning view.

In BALI, you could always found eyes catching morning view especially when you watch from their beach. Where else to think? Hmm, too many places in INDONESIA.

But the last I want to mention here are THOUSAND ISLAND, PANGANDARAN, PARANG TRITIS, DIENG, and off course in a village where my mom was born, SUSUKAN VILLAGE with SLAMET MOUNTAIN as background. Don’t believe me? see these picture.


Slamet mountain from distance (Central Java)


Finally, morning is coming in Susukan village.


Be grateful, everytime we open our eyes each and every morning.

For being able to breathe once again.

For God still give us chances to live our life much much better than the other days.


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