Goodbye, Seems to be The Hardest Word

Who would have though that I would feel very sad for letting go some of my student. It is strange. It seems that saying goodbye to them is the hardest word for me to say. It is not that I’m not happy for them, cause I do. Watching them grew little by little, time after time are the most precious moments for me as their teacher. From just bubbling until they spoke sentences. From hardly held markers until they could write their name. From asking help from me until they can helps others children. From speaking in Bahasa until they spoke fluently in English * even though some of them maybe only for a sentence *  How they are growing in front of my eyes are very memorable.

So, the background story of this writing is, 8 of my student graduated from my class which is PreSchool, and now they already move to PreKindy. We spent almost 1,5 years together, experiencing  fun and joyful learning. We learned as we played and  interacted to each other. We share experiences during those times. They learned from me and I definitely learned a lot from them. They are such a great student. And I am really proud of them. It’s such a honor for me to be part of their life, as their teacher in their early childhood * I don’t think they will remember me later on, since human memories is very limited *

Well, I guess this is just such a farewell syndrome. Hard to let go because separate from them means that I lost my comfort zone with them. I believe that time  will heal. That there will be another children to fill my comfort zone. That Later on, smile will be upon my face every time I recall to the past.

Farewell is not the end.

It is just the beginning of something.

And memories is something that will last forever.

Goodbye my lovely student.

Enjoy your new journey in a new classroom.

Hope that you all will go through much fun learning experiences.



2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Seems to be The Hardest Word

  1. It must be hard to say goodbye to lovely little children that you’ve helped & known for so long! I’m sure your new class will be as fulfilling.. Thanks for linking up 🙂


    • Yeah it is,even though I’ve known them only for 1,5 years, it feels sooo long. It’s very short term compare with the time parents spent with their own children. But you’re right about new classes. Now, I am enjoying my new classes. :). and for linking up, you’re welcome. Love to read about your twins :).


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