Rafting: Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Rafting. It’s been such a long time since I want to try this kind of experience. Before, I just watched it from TV or vids, but now, it’s my chance to feel it by myself. How excited that will be. On the other hand, A little bit scary. There is some fear came running through my mind.

That day, we gathered in Bogor. For who live in Jakarta, I should take the train to get there. Then, I leave the rest to others who knows the route :p. It was arrange by my friend, Tari. She is very familiar with adventurous things like this. She love outdoor activities and engaging with nature. It really nice to be friends with someone like her.

Anyway, we went to the site… get our gear, put them on, and bring it to the river downhill. Since it was a first time for me * and I think for the rest of us, * the guide are there to explained some things that we need to know and do it during rafting. We did listen well, and be ready for whatever head on us in the river.


“Listen well, guys…,” said the guide


Girls rafting team…

After the brief explanation. I kept things in mind. Wore a comfortable outfit, sport shoes, swimming cap * for I using hijab, * and physical preparation before the D-Day. Because that time, I missed all that.


Enjoy every moment of it!

Once we got on board. It just can’t wait. Raft along the river, waiting for big stream, avoided some big rocks or crash between team and enjoying the surrounding view. It was sooo excited. Couldn’t describe how I felt that day. The view is so beautiful. The cliffs, the trees, the rocks, and the waterfall. I just couldn’t ask for more. During this kind of excitement and admiration, I will feel very grateful to the GOD, for giving me such amazing view in the world where I live in.


The waterfall…

Before going home. Last but not least, trying to raft using banana boat. Wow, it was so hard to handle it. I felt like I was going to fall to the river. And yes, I did. The banana boat was upside down, I was afraid, and I was like just lying there on the surface of the river, drifting by the stream while avoiding branches and rocks around me… waiting for someone to rescue… But, it was not as scary as I thought it will be. If I got another chance to tried it again, I am gladly said YES, off course!!

Rafting in a banana boat. Sooooo fun!

Rafting in a banana boat *me, in front * Sooooo fun!

There is nothing to be afraid of. There is no fear that can’t be resolved. As long as I have positive mindset. And take challenge as a new way to learn new things.


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