It’s time for Olympic, Highscope Olympic. That afternoon, suddenly our principal told me to find other friends to join the Olympic. What kind of sport that we will joined? FUTSAL!

What! That was my first impression, just because I haven’t play this kind of sport before, not in the real game. OK, we need 5 person minimum. Who’s on earth wanted to play futsal after their work time ended, I thought. Thanks God, with great help from Nova, we could form an ECEP Team.

So, we decided to had a practice the next day. With a blank thought, no physical preparation, none experiences, we did the practice just 30 minutes before the game schedule.

Impressive, right? But back then, we were very confident, that we surely win. Hmm… Where was that confidence came from? Well, just from our over self-confidence. Beside, I believe that this game will be a rare experience for me.

That it will be a journey, not a race to winning. I’ll enjoy every moment I spent with my friends while playing this game.

Wondering about the practice. It was a remarkable practice. Full of excitement, craziness, laugh, silly pose, and breathtaking or should I say loosing breath. Even the warmed up before the game was hilarious.

We got a volunteer coach on the set! He was like our savior who came at the right time. Just before we started the game. We got a precious tips from him. And, priiiit… here it is, the time that we have been waiting for… GO! GO! GO! ECEP!

I remember I was so excited to run on the first 5 minutes. Just run as fast as I can. Then, slowly, but surely, I loose my breath. Hardly breath….

Cross in my mind that I would get a heart attack because of the adrenalin.  At the end, we won. We actually won against the other team (HRD and Clinic staffs). Couldn’t imagine how we felt back then. So happy I guess. While worrying about the next game.

But then, It was only a game. We were tired but happy. And the Burger King that we ate at the end, make the happiness complete. So, playing futsal? BRING IT ON!




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