Facilitate Children to Get more Knowledge using Airplanes

These days, lots of children love airplanes. They love to play with airplane toys, watched movies about it, pretend to be one, or even get addicted to ride it * with their parents of course * It is the same with my student, some of them are really really love airplane. That even during their play, they build something just like the real airplane. They dancing to the song by doing the airplane movement. They put on the pilot outfit and pretend to be one, while asked me to joined as the passenger.

Explore Helicopter, Super Puma.

Explore Helicopter, Super Puma.

I am very amazed with them. They develop knowledge about the airplane through their experiences then applied it in their play. What will we do if we saw children had this kind of interest? Have you ever question about it to yourself?

Using High Scope approach, as a teacher, I surely question it a lot. What should I do to extend what they are already know. From my point of view, there were lots that we can do. Started by introducing letters, numbers, or new vocabulary using airplanes as the materials. The other was, letting them experience and learn from the airplane itself. We could took them to the airport, to the airplane exhibition, or to other place which has airplane. Just like what my dad * RIP * do. I remember, back then, there was an exhibition in Halim Perdanakusuma. He took us there every year. For me, as a child, it was very interesting and amazing. To see, touch, hear, and feel the airplane, to explore it. That time, I don’t think about how the airplane can fly, it just that it is great thing that it can fly. And that knowledge and experiences last forever.

To some other children, maybe it can inspired them to be a pilot, an airplane mechanic, a steward or stewardess, or even the airplane maker. The point is, they could learn something from it, and remember, it will last forever. That is why the idea of field trip to an Airport is very good one. At least, for my student, they really enjoyed it. And I, as teachers, will facilitate them to learn.

Explore Hercules.

Explore Hercules.


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