Colors, Make Our Life Colorful

Who didn’t know about colors. We saw it around us. We wear it on us.

I love colors. Any kind of colors. Looking at so many colors, really made my day.

It’s the same with children. They really really love colors. Whether they know its named or not. In Fact, colors is one of things that they first learn in their early age.

Just read them books about colors. Provide paint or marker with so many colors or colored paper. Or sing a song about colors. It would definitely catch their attention. At least, that is how I know from my observation with my student.

First, we could expose them with colors, let them engage in it, then we could use it to teach them other things, such as mathematics, science, movement or else.

To get children’s attention, we could sing loudly a song about colors. Such as “pelangi-pelangi” in bahasa or “rainbow” in English. I guarantee that children will loved it.

Just sing the song while pointing the color everywhere. It could be in your body, clothes that you wear, or in your surroundings.

This is the song:

Red and yellow and pink and green

purple and orange and blue

I can sing a rainbow

sing a rainbow

sing a rainbow too

click here to hear the song

For us, adults, it migh be a very simple song. But, for preschoool children, it quite hard, especially when the children are not speak english.

But, when they finally could sing it, they will sing it over and over and over again. And not just that, they also learn new vocabulary about colors. Later on, they will recognize colors by themselves when they are ready.

Don’t worry if your children still doesn’t recognize colors, maybe because they are not ready yet. Don’t force them to recognize it. Just expose them with colors in everyday life. Started with basic colors which is red, blue, and yellow. Then, move on to other colors made by mixing these basic colors.

Later, when they are adults, just like I do. They would love colors even more.

I mean, life is full of colors. What would it be if there is only one color in this world, in your life? It would not be fun at all. Cos everything will look exactly the same.

So, enjoy all colors. Create an experience with it. Then our life will be definitely colorful.


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