Am I wise enough in using my money?

money is temptation…

For your own good, save your money for something unexpected, use it wisely. Well, that is what my mom always said to me.

But, until now, I tried hard to be wisely enough. By keep doing these things below, but it is not as easy as I thought it will be. Especially when that “unexpected” factor always come in the way.

  1. First thing that I have to do after received money is budgeting for next month. Make a list of how much will I spent for others and myself.
  2. If I have to go to mall, either for hanging out with friends or just window shopping then I must not bring lots of money. Just bring enough to buy some food and to pay bus to go home.
  3. When I planned to buy something, be sure just bring money to buy that thing.
  4. Credit card? Just forget it. And if you must have it, one is more than enough.
  5. If I get tempted to buy some clothes, shoes, slipper, or bag and etc. Just try to think twice before buying it. Remember what’s inside my closet and ask these question: “Do I really need a new one? Do I had one in my closet that almost the same? Is this one thing I urgently needed?” Is the answer is yes, yes, and no. Then I won’t get tempted anymore.
  6. For saving my money, I choose to save it on Bank without ATM. And the account is only for saving. Or else, I will buy some accessories made from gold * which I hardly done it *
  7. If I had more money, then I would invest some of it to a business or people I trust. Or became an entrepreneur myself.
  8. Be grateful to God for giving us all we have until today.

Well, am I wise enough in using my money? I want to believe I am.


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