The Exhibition of Alutsista TNI AD (Indonesian Army)

I finally decided to see the famous exhibition from TNI AD called Alutsista Arhanud TNI AD. For me, I think this is once in a lifetime experience. When will I see many weapons and army vehicle and even explore it in and out.

First, some of you might be wondering what is Alutsista Arhanud TNI AD? Well, after did some browsing and asked a friend of mine, finally know the answer. Alutsista Arhanud TNI AD is Alat Utama Sistem Persenjataan Artileri Pertahanan Udara Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Darat. Wow, that is a long one.

Anyway, this is the first exhibition that was held by TNI AD. Kasubdis Penum TNI AD Letkol Zaenal M explained that this is a part of their responsibility to the citizen. It was a part of their wish to be more close with citizen.

This exhibition was held on October 6-8, 2012 in Monas. It came from Kecabangan Perhubungan, Kecabangan Kavaleri, Kecabangan Penerbad, Kecabangan Zeni, Direktorat Kesehatan, Kopassus, Direktorat Perbekalan dan Angkutan, Industri Pertahanan Nasional, Kecabangan Peralatan, Kecabangan Infanteri, Kostrad, dan peralatan yang baru, Kecabangan Armed, and Kecabangan Arhanud.

OK, so I was very excited when I got there even though that day was so damn hot. And Thanks GOD, I had an off day from work, and since Monday is workday, so I hope there won’t be too much visitors. And I’m right. Well, not as many as Sunday, I guess.

At first, I was like… OMG. This is not what I am expected. Not this many vehicle and weapons. Not to mention there are soldiers everywhere.

Then I started to walk around, and I was like… Oowwww… woooow… Helicopter, panzer, tank, hover…. and I can explored them inside and outside? Woooooww….

Then I, got crazy with my camera. Take picture here, there, and everywhere. While asking the soldier about all these things.

Cobra Modular air defense system (Battery Command Vehicle, 3D Multi-beam Search Radar, Missile Launcher) and Giraffe Radar. He explained how to operate this defense system.

Merriam 155 MM Caesar.

Multiple Launcher Rocket System (MLRS) ASTROS II MK 6 (Made in AVIBRAS AEROSPACIAL Brazil]. These guys are the representative from the manufacturer from Brazil. After I asked them to have a picture with me, lots of people join in after me. I guess they are shy to asked them before.

This one is the “celebrity” in this exhibition. This is the newest weapons that we just bought from Brazil. And these guys were Brazil representative. It cost 405 million rupiah for each. Wow…
Rappiers, Bofors

Rapiers, Bofors

It’s quite scary to see all these ammo. Couldn’t imagine these things blow up right in front of us. Then I started to think about our brothers and sisters who still live with war around them. May God granted their live with PEACE.

The helicopter was visitors favorite. Just look at the crowd around it. Most of them are Kindergarten children. I even had no chance to go inside. The soldier who helped to go inside, looked very tired. They said, “it’s been three days now….” Well, take a rest then, change shift with other soldier. Then the problem is solved :p

These all real ammo. That is why the pilot was quite strict and scary when children approach and touch it or even try to play with it. They said, “please stay away, just look at it, it is dangerous.” Then I was like, “hush, hush, go, go, children… play in somewhere else...”

* Pfiuuuhh… * After all day long, I discover and explore almost all alutsista, It’s time to say goodbye. I am very satisfied, I even forgot how tired I am to walk around Monas. Quite proud with our TNI AD. We do have weapons, but I really hope that we won’t use it for real.

Since I prayer for PEACE, always. NO good things came from war. No matter how sophisticated and deadly our weapons are, It will be much better if We saw them for exhibition only. PEACE all the way.Thank you TNI AD, for protected our country and off course all of us all this time. I believe it is not an easy task.

Hopefully see you all in Next Year….


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